Laboratory Products Manufacturers

Science and tech industries in the UK contribute more than £14 billion to the economy and our research and development acumen is respected all around the world.

Ley Holdings are one of the leading laboratory products manufacturers in the UK today, providing high-quality rubber tubing, bungs and other equipment to businesses, schools, colleges and universities.

We are one of the few home-grown businesses that have manufacturing capability on-site which means we can deliver bespoke solutions for our customers at any time. If you are searching for laboratory products manufacturers that can create equipment from scratch according to your specifications, contact our expert design team today.

Laboratory Products from Ley Holdings

We provide a range of lab equipment at competitive prices including rubber tubing, drop tubes, cork rings, Bunsen tubes and various teats and droppers for use in laboratory settings.

The scientific sector continues to grow in the UK and research and development play an important role in modern society. Our products are also used by agriculture development, by health care enterprises and in new sectors such as robotics and biotech.

With our manufacturing capability and CAD facilities on-site, we can create bespoke solutions for our customers, whatever industry they operate in. Whether your enterprise requires any form of rubber extrusions such as seals, edge trim or tubing in a variety of materials including neoprene, EPDM or natural rubber, our experienced team can certainly deliver for you at a competitive price.

Who are Ley Holdings?

We’re a family-owned laboratory products manufacturers with more than 70 years of experience behind us. Based in Merseyside, we’re one of the leading providers of equipment for research enterprises, schools, colleges and universities. We have our own moulding press shop on-site and can produce any quantity of equipment including rubber tubing on demand.

Our service is backed up by a high-quality support team of experts who know what they are talking about. We’re used to dealing with a wide range of businesses and our sales team know practically all there is to know about rubber extrusions and how to create bespoke solutions.

When it comes to tailored manufacture for our customers, because we’re a British based manufacturer, we can offer very quick lead-in times to the development of any new products. Our team will be able to work to your specifications and produce a quote for your project so that you not only get a quality product delivered to your business but the best price too.

Our after-sales support is something that our loyal customers appreciate a great deal which means they can come back to us if there are any problems with your order and find a responsive team eager to help. It’s one of the reasons why we’ve built long-term relationships over the years with many of our customers.

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If you are looking to build a relationship with a laboratory products manufacturers based in the UK that is dedicated to quality and competitive pricing, the team at Ley Holdings is waiting for your call.