Here’s why the Construction Industry relies on Ley Rubber for essential components
With over 6 decades of experience we have designed, manufactured or supplied virtually every rubber application you can think of for construction.

From glazing strips/seals to door seals, fenders and guard rails, our rubber parts can be found everywhere quietly and reliably serving their purpose.

You will find our rubber parts in

  • Fenders/Guard Rails – Used for protection in the industry, can be used in Car parks or Construction sites.
  • Glazing Strips/Seals – Used for windows & doors as well as roofing.
  • Rubber Bungs – For plugging holes and gaps in various applications.
Rubber Products for the Construction Sector

The construction industry utilises a wide range of rubber products in buildings across the UK. Ensuring that supplies and quality are maintained while costs are kept down is essential for the businesses that operate in sectors as diverse as building, development and maintenance.

Working with the right rubber extrusions manufacturing and supply company can greatly improve operations whatever is being built.

At Ley Rubber, we’re proud of our association with the construction sector. Our decades of experience mean that we are well placed to deliver for builders, developers and large scale construction companies anywhere in the UK or around the world.

Rubber Extrusions for Construction

Construction uses rubber products widely for joints, seals and gaskets, to absorb impacts, for roofing and flooring and a whole host of other reasons. The benefit of rubber products in the construction sector is that they can be moulded to fit any shape and provide a durable and weather-resistant seal to the outside world.

From fire-proof insulation to electrical wiring, window seals and expansion joints, there isn’t a home, warehouse or office building that doesn’t depend on some kind of rubber extrusion.

6The Benefits of Partnering with Ley Rubber

Based in Knowsley, Ley Rubber is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber products for a range of industries including construction. For more than 70 years we’ve been delivering excellence for builders and construction companies, whether it’s rubber seals or edge trims or something more complex.

One of the key factors that make us a great partner for businesses in the construction industry is our manufacturing capability. While we have thousands of standard dies on our books, as well as many more tailored dies we’ve made for individual companies over the years, we can offer a bespoke service second to none.

That means if your construction requires us to make a rubber product from scratch, we are uniquely placed to deliver at an affordable price. Our CAD capabilities are state of the art and our manufacturing team are some of the best in the business.

Whether you need glazing strips or seals, want a solution to plug holes with rubber bungs or require specially produced guard rails or fenders, our team can certainly help. In today’s competitive environment, it’s vital to have a rubber product supplier that you can depend on and which provides quality at a competitive price.

Our sales team are experts in their field and will be able to help you with any bespoke design and talk you through the next steps. Along with rapid manufacture and delivery, we also provide excellent after-sales support that is second to none in the industry.

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