Rubber Tubing
“Durable, flexible, high quality” – Why leading companies rely on our Rubber Tubing.

With over 6 decades of experience, it’s no surprise we have honed our expertise in Rubber Tubing.  Universities, Schools, Colleges, Pharmaceutical, and Scientific Industries all rely on our exceptional tubing for their applications. Whatever your needs, we can help you. Select from extruded tubes from 1.2 mm inner diameter all the way up to 100mm and beyond.

Our tubing can be supplied in either straight lengths or coils in a variety of materials from EPDM, Nitrile, Flame Retardant Neoprene, PVC/Nitrile blends, Natural, Viton®, Food Quality White Natural Rubber and silicone.

We can provide standard fittings as well as tailormade solutions to meet your specific needs. 

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  • 10 extruded polymers
  • Hardness from 40°Sh to 90°Sh
  • Five extrusion processes
  • Extensive size range
  • Coiled, straight or cut to length
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast production
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Rubber tubing is probably one of the most widely used products in the world. It’s found in research laboratories, your family car, the latest plant machinery and a whole host of other things.

Ley Rubber are one of the market leaders in rubber tubing manufacture. Based in Liverpool in the UK, we are a family-owned business with more than 60 years’ experience developing and creating rubber tubing products for a wide range of different industries.

Not only do we have a large catalogue of existing designs available but we are also able to create bespoke solutions for your business. In other words, if you can’t find it in our rubber tubing catalogue, we can actually make it for you on-site.

Find Rubber Tubing For Your Business

Finding a reliable supplier for your rubber tubing supply can be challenging. You may want a specific design, size or even hardness of rubber tubing, for example. Many products like cars on the market nowadays have different types of tubing including in the design of one single vehicle.

It’s important to find a manufacturer that is responsive to your needs. We are able to produce rubber tubing in a variety of different materials – rubber, EPDM, neoprene and nitrile. Our comprehensive catalogue covers almost all the bases when it comes to rubber tubing but if you can’t find what you are searching for then we can develop a bespoke product for you. We’ll keep that design in our catalogue so all you have to do is contact us directly if you want to put in a new order.

Quantity is another issue that our customers ask about. We can handle small orders as well as large ones at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Liverpool, wherever you are located in the world.

Why Choose Ley Rubber for Your Rubber Tubing Supply

Over the last 60 years, Ley Rubber have grown from a modest moulding shop in Liverpool to a globally respected manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of rubber extrusions. We’re always looking to expand our catalogue and provide an even better service to our customers.

Our customers come from all areas of production and practically every industry you can think of. We make and deliver rubber tubing for car manufacturers, research hubs, coach and bus companies, boat makers, the manufacturing industry, heating companies and the aviation sector to name just a few.

Because we deal with the entire breadth of modern commerce, we have been able to put together a comprehensive catalogue of rubber tubing, using various materials, different tubing hardness and up to 100 mm in diameter and more.

As a family-owned business, we’ve always been focused on delivering quality for our customers. It’s something we have ingrained into our project management and quality control processes. If you are searching for a bespoke solution designed from scratch, our expert sales team can support you all the way and make sure you get the product you really need.

If you are searching for a rubber tubing supplier that really knows how to deliver, contact the team at Ley Rubber today.



Red/Orange Natural Tube Black Neoprene Tube
3 0.75 4.5 RT/N03 BS2775 NT/N03 BS2775
5 1.5 8 RT/N05 BS2775 NT/N05 BS2775
6.5 1.5 9.5 RT/N06.5 BS2775 NT/N06.5 BS2775
8 2 12 RT/N08 BS2775 NT/N08 BS2775
10 2 14 RT/N10 BS2775 NT/N10 BS2775
12.5 2.25 17 RT/N12.5 BS2775 NT/N12.5 BS2775
16 3.25 22.5 RT/N16 BS2775 NT/N16 BS2775
20 3.25 26.5 RT/N20 BS2775 NT/N20 BS2775
25 3.25 31.5 RT/N25 BS2775 NT/N25 BS2775
3 3 9 RT/H03 BS2775 NT/H03 BS2775
5 4 13 RT/H05 BS2775 NT/H05 BS2775
6.5 5 16.5 RT/H06.5 BS2775 NT/H06.5 BS2775
8 6 20 RT/H08 BS2775 NT/H08 BS2775
10 7 24 RT/H10 BS2775 NT/H10 BS2775
12.5 8.5 29.5 RT/H12.5 BS2775 NT/H12.5 BS2775

IMPERIAL TUBING (BS2775:1987 Material Specification)

Imperial Red/Orange Natural Tube Black Neoprene Tube
1.59 0.8 3.2 IRT1/16X1/8 INT1/16X1/8
1.59 1.59 4.76 IRT1/16X3/16 INT1/16X3/16
3.18 1.59 6.35 IRT1/8X1/4 INT1/8X1/4
3.18 2.38 7.94 IRT1/8X5/16 INT1/8X5/16
4.76 2.38 9.53 IRT3/16X3/8 INT3/16X3/8
6.35 2.38 11.11 IRT1/4X7/16 INT1/4X7/16
6.35 3.18 12.75 IRT1/4X1/2 INT1/4X1/2
6.35 6.35 19.05 IRT1/4X3/4 INT1/4X3/4
7.94 2.38 12.75 IRT5/16X1/2 INT5/16X1/2
7.94 3.18 14.29 IRT5/16X9/16 INT5/16X9/16
7.94 3.97 15.88 IRT5/16X5/8 INT5/16X5/8
7.94 5.56 19.05 IRT5/16X3/4 INT5/16X3/4
7.94 7.14 22.23 IRT5/16X7/8 INT5/16X7/8
9.53 1.59 12.75 IRT3/8X1/2 INT3/8X1/2
9.53 3.18 15.88 IRT3/8X5/8 INT3/8X5/8
12.75 1.59 15.88 IRT1/2X5/8 INT1/2X5/8
12.75 3.2 19.05 IRT1/2X3/4 INT1/2X3/4
12.75 4.75 22.22 IRT1/2X7/8 INT1/2X7/8
19.05 6.35 31.75 IRT3/4X11/4 INT3/4X11/4
25.4 6.35 38.1 IRT1X11/2 INT1X11/2/65

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