Trusted UK partner to the Marine Industry for Rubber Components

Ley Rubber are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber products to the marine industry in the UK and for good reason.

For over 6 decades we have supplied commercial, naval, boat owners and other marine enterprises with essential rubber extrusions. As a manufacturer the knows it can rely on our expertise to deliver products that deliver quality every time.

We have worked closely with our customers to provide Rubber Extrusions to numerous parts of the Marine Industry. This includes Cargo Door Seals, Hatch Seals and a wide range of Rubber Fenders for Boats & Harbour Walls, using Compounds that can withstand these harsh environments.

Some of the main parts include

  • Door Seals/Hatch Seals – Used on ships/submarines.
  • Fenders – Used for protection on a host of vessels.
Rubber Products for the Marine Industry
Ley Rubber are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber products to the marine industry in the UK. We have several thousand standard dies in our catalogue but can also create bespoke rubber extrusions for components such as cargo door and hatch seals as well as rubber fenders.

The marine industry encompasses a wide range of businesses including commercial, naval, ship and boat building enterprises as well as enterprises in the leisure sector. There are nearly 5,000 businesses in the UK that have a connection to the marine industry, employing around 95,000 people.

There are 120 commercial ports in the UK and many more small harbours. From boats and ships to harbour walls, rubber products are used extensively in the marine industry today.

Types of Rubber Products for the Marine Industry
Rubber products are critical in the marine industry. It’s a versatile and highly resilient material that is used not just for door seals but for protective fenders on harbour walls and boats. Marine parts are constantly being bombarded by the elements, whether that’s the corrosive salt from the sea or the changing elements and abrasive surfaces.

In some instances, such as creating a watertight seal, materials like neoprene, EPDM and natural rubber are used because they are flexible and can be moulded to a high degree. Rubber for fenders needs to be able to absorb significant impacts, for example, while still maintaining shape and integrity. It’s not just the outside of the ship or boat where you find a variety of rubber extrusions and, as you might expect, quality is vitally important.

Why Choose Ley Rubber for your Rubber Extrusions
Based in the North West of England, Ley Rubber is a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of rubber products with almost 80 years of experience behind us. We have several thousand standard dies in our catalogue that can be produced on demand in any quantity. With access to state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities, we are also able to design and produce bespoke solutions for the marine industry.

Whether you are a boat or shipowner, a manufacturer or operate in any other part of the marine industry, we offer quality at a competitive price along with a host of experience. Our talented sales team can work with you to develop the rubber products you need in association with our manufacturing team who have extensive engineering and design resources to hand including CAD software.

We can work in a wide range of materials from natural rubber, EPDM and neoprene to nitrile, silicone and PVC. Because we’re a manufacturer based in the UK, we can deliver very short lead-in times, whether you need a standard die or a bespoke solution.

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We supply a full range of rubber products for the marine industry and have 80 years of exceptional manufacturing and supply capability behind us. If you are searching for rubber extrusions for your marine business, contact our experienced team today to find out how we can help.
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