Rubber Profiles
For quality and dependable sealing solutions, make it Ley.
With over 1500 profile dies ranging from basic squares and cords to more complex weather sealing strips, co-extrusions and glazing channels, Ley Rubber are the market leader in Rubber Profiles.

You will find our profiles throughout a huge range of industries quietly and efficiently working and protecting applications and its users.

If you are looking for Rubber Profiles, here are just a few reasons for contacting us

  • Profiles provided via 10 different extruded polymers.
  • Hardness from 30°Sh to 90°Sh
  • Five extrusion processes
  • Over 6000 profile tools with 30 new shapes made every month.
  • Coiled, straight or cut to length.
  • Design and engineering expertise
  • Made right here in the UK.
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Fast production
  • Support and advice throughout any project.
Our scope of supply includes components manufactured in materials ranging from standard EPDM’s, Neoprene’s® and NBR’s to Silicone, PVC and Viton’s® that meet international standards.

When you think of Rubber Profiles, think of Ley Rubber. Contact us today and find out why so many companies and sectors rely on us.

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