Sponge Extrusions
Any shape, any profile…. your manufacturing partner for sponge profiles

Looking for sponge profiles? Here at Ley Rubber, we are able to supply Sponge Extrusions to any required shape or profile. Neoprene® sponge cord is available ex-stock in sizes ranging from 2.5mm diameter to 25mm diameter. Other sizes are available in polymers and even co-extrusions. Profiles and cords can also be joined into rings, frames or formed seals with either glued or vulcanized joins.

Reasons to contact us today!

  • 4 extruded sponge polymers
  • Densities from 0.35g/cm3 to 0.60g/cm3
  • Coiled or cut to length.
  • Can be glued or vulcanized joined.
  • Made right here in the UK.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Support and advice throughout any project

For any sponge extrusion requirement contact our team today!

For product dimensions on our standard range of Neoprene Sponge Cord – click here

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