Robust, Reliable and Renowned. Here’s why the Science Industry
trust Ley Rubber products

For over 60 years, we have been working with the Education, R & D and Pharmaceutical sectors developing and manufacturing a range of innovative products that serve these industries well.

We supply an extensive range of rubber products from Laboratory Tubing through to Rubber Bungs and Bespoke Extrusions to suit all needs.

We have supplied to all aspects of rubber products in particular to the Scientific Lab industry, including a whole host of tubes/profiles & bungs to suit all needs.

A lot of our products also make their way into schools and colleges, but common products we supply include.

  • Bunsen burner hoses and rubber bungs.
  • Cork Stoppers – Mostly used in the Wine Industry as bungs for bottle tops.
  • Demijohns – Used for brewing and home brewing.
  • Dropper Teats (Latex).
  • PVC Tubing (Reinforced & Unreinforced).
  • Rubber Bungs – Natural/Neoprene® or Silicone (Silicone is the only one that is FDA Compliant).
  • Rubber Tubing – Natural/Neoprene® or Platinum Cured Silicone
    (Silicone FDA Compliant).
Rubber Products for Science
Ley Rubber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber products for science industries and sectors in the UK.

With nearly 80 years’ experience behind us, we’ve seen huge developments in science and technology over that time and we’ve kept pace in developing new and innovative rubber products for our clients. Our expert team is here to support your business and deliver the high-quality products you need to succeed.

The science sector is a huge part of the modern economy and continues to grow and thrive in the UK. It encompasses such diverse industries as research and development, food and agriculture, healthcare and rapidly growing sectors such as robotics and biotechnology. We also supply a range of rubber products for science facilities in schools, colleges and universities around the world.

Our range of products covers items as simple as rubber bungs and tubing for laboratory settings to bespoke rubber extrusions, seals and other components for new and innovative products. If your business needs something new designing, our state-of-the-art CAD facilities and manufacturing capability make us the perfect partner.

Rubber Products for School, Colleges and Universities
Science begins in educational establishments and we have the full range of standard dies, cork stoppers, latex dropper teats, PVC tubing, bungs and other tubing products that can be ordered on demand.

We work with a wide range of education providers and pride ourselves on our quick and efficient service that is delivered at a competitive price.

Rubber Products for the Research and Development Sector
Another sector that we provide our rubber manufacturing and supply services to is R&D. From pharmaceutical labs to new and innovative tech industries across the UK and around the world, we not only provide standard rubber products but can manufacture and supply bespoke solutions if your business or organisation needs a non-standard approach.

That includes silicone FDA compliant products for specific industries. We’ve worked with many different research and development enterprises over the last few decades and have built strong relationships with some of the best innovators in the world.

Why Partner with Ley Rubber
For nearly 80 years, our family-owned business in the heart of the North West of England has been supplying high-quality rubber products to the science sector, including schools and private research and development laboratories.

Key to our success is the level of manufacturing capability that we have on-site and our experience at creating bespoke solutions for our customers.

Our talented sales team know everything there is to know about rubber products of all kinds. We work with all kinds of industries including car manufacturers, classic car businesses, marine and aviation as well as science and technology concerns. That gives us a unique level of past experience that we can draw on to help you get the rubber products that your business requires.

Contact Ley Rubber Today
If you are searching for rubber products designed for use in the science sector, it’s important to have a partner that understands your needs. With high-quality products in our catalogue and the capability to produce bespoke designs on-site, Ley Rubber can deliver cost-effective solutions with the minimum of fuss.

Why not contact us today to find out more? Our friendly team will be delighted to help or advise you.

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