Why Rail and Coach firms rely on Ley Rubber to protect their passengers and assets
Chances are if you’ve ever boarded a coach or train you will have seen a Ley Rubber Profile at work. Our products can be found in bus, train windows and doors, protecting passengers from the outside elements. You will also find our parts in vital infrastructure protecting other products like railway sleepers from damage.

Ley Rubber designs products from materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions to ensure the final product doesn’t perish quickly. Our gaskets & seals can be glued or vulcanised joined to give you the strongest possible join and seal.

Here are just a few products we supply to the transport industry.

  • Glazing Strips/Seals – Used for Windows, glass or Perspex.
  • Door Seals.
  • Sleeper profiles – Used to protect sleepers on railways.
Rubber Products for the Rail and Coach Sector
Ley Rubber has a long track record of delivering standard and bespoke rubber products for the rail and coach sector. Our onsite manufacturing capability means that we are well-placed to supply and on-demand service and provide bespoke designs with quick delivery times.

Rail and coach form the backbone of our transportation system in the UK and maintaining buses and trains and keeping them on the road is a challenging business. We can produce everything from window glazing strips and door seals to sleeper profiles and everything in between. Our expert team can also help you develop bespoke rubber products on demand.

The Rail and Coach Sector
Rail and coach companies need to make the most of its stock and maintenance is a big part of the sector. Whether it’s on buses travelling up our high streets or trains rushing through the country, you’ve probably sat next to a window or stood by a door which uses a rubber product manufactured and supplied by Ley Rubber.

In Great Britain alone there are nearly 6 billion trips taken on a bus or other public transport every year. If these buses and trains can’t be kept on the road, it can have a huge impact on our transport infrastructure.

Why Choose Ley Rubber for your Rubber Products
All businesses in the rail and coach sector have to make the most of their budgets while still maintaining a high level of service. Replacing window seals is probably one of the more common jobs that need to be carried out on fleet or rail stock.

Ley Rubber brings several unique benefits to the table when it comes to supply and manufacture of rubber products:

Our manufacturing capabilities mean that we can create standard and bespoke dies on demand, as and when your business needs them.

Our staff and sales teams are highly knowledgeable when it comes to rubber products and their use in the rail and coach sector.

We’re committed to providing a high level of service, not only while we deliver your order but afterwards as well.

With more than 70 years delivering high-quality rubber products for a wide range of sectors, including aviation, car manufacture, marine and food and drinks as well as research and development, we think we know a thing or two about designing and manufacturing.

As a UK based business operating from Liverpool, we certainly understand what the rail and coach sector needs when it comes to rubber products.

As one of the leading manufacturers of rubber extrusions in the UK, we can promise a short lead-in time if you need a bespoke solution for your businesses. That means you’re not left waiting and stock is sat idle while you wait for the rubber seals or trims that you require.

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