Silicone Extrusions
When you need high performance Silicone Extrusions – You need Ley Rubber

Silicone Extrusions are synonymous with invasive environments and so are designed to be highly temperature resistant, durable and hardworking sealing components. Our Silicone Extrusions are manufactured with precision and toughness in mind. Our parts are utilised in industries like food, pharmaceuticals and other environments where health and safety is of a paramount concern.

As such, we pay attention to other industry standards in our production, for instance using only FDA approved materials in the manufacturer of our silicone rubber parts.

As you would expect, your application and requirements drive our process. We can supply your Silicone Extrusion parts in diverse portfolio of colours, which includes a colour matching service, and we can supply the extrusions in various strengths of material depending on your application.

What you can be sure of is Ley Rubber will supply you with Silicone Extrusions, that are not only robust and hard-wearing, but meets your environmental demands, with health and safety at the core of the product requirement.

Having supplied Silicone Extrusions to so many demanding applications, like Oven Door Seals through to Silicone Tubing for laboratory use you can rely on Ley Rubber to meet your requirements.

Trust our 60 years of engineering knowledge and experience and contact us with your requirement today. You’re in safe hands with Ley Rubber.

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