Rubber Bungs for Tubes

If your business or organisation is searching for quality rubber bungs for tubes, Ley Rubber is one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of rubber extrusions in the UK.

Whether you are a school or university, research establishment or pharmaceutical company, rubber bungs are an essential part of many laboratory settings. Rubber bungs are also used in many other different industries to provide tight seals including the automotive and marine sectors.

How Do I Order Rubber Bungs for Tubes?

We provide both standard stoppers in all sizes but also those products with one or two holes that are ideal for scientific work. With over 600 different types of bung and 80 different sizes, we can also deliver bespoke manufacture if you require it.

You can easily search for the rubber bungs for tubes that fit your needs by browsing our current catalogue. We pride ourselves on the competitive cost of our rubber bungs and the on-demand service that we can provide to customers not just across the UK but around the world.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, simply contact our highly knowledgeable sales team to discuss your needs.

Who are Ley Rubber?

Ley Rubber is a family-owned business based in Liverpool. We began just over 60 years ago and have built a strong reputation during that time. We have our own manufacturing capability on-site which means we can offer bespoke solutions for any kind of rubber extrusion. Over the years we’ve worked for many major UK companies and organisations, both big and small.

Our sales support is second to none and we believe our pricing is some of the most competitive in the UK. We produce products in standard EPDM, neoprene, nitrile and silicone so can meet the strict standards and compliance required by any marketplace, including the scientific arena.

We can produce rubber bungs for tubes ranging from 3mm to 105mm or create bespoke solutions for your business. We are a manufacturer and supplier that believes strongly in customer service which is why many businesses come back to us again and again.

Why Choose Ley Rubber For Your Rubber Bungs?

We provide a one-stop-shop for all types of rubber extrusions. Our manufacturing capability means that we can develop products to suit your needs if you don’t see what you require in our current catalogue. You can choose rubber bungs for tubes in different materials from traditional red rubber to neoprene and silicone. We also provide drilling for non-standard holes if required.

It’s important if you need a constant supply of high-quality rubber bungs to partner with a company that can deliver. At Ley Rubber, we aim to make ordering as simple as possible. Our competitive price structure means that you can easily get the best deal on any quantity and our fast delivery means that you don’t have to wait.

If you are searching for the best rubber bungs for tubing and need a manufacturing partner you can depend in, contact the expert team at Ley Rubber today to see how we can help.