For over 30 years we’ve developed a huge range of standard moulds and hundreds of customer part owned tools including washers, suckers, buffers, seals and gaskets.

Bespoke moulding service

If you need a bespoke moulding service for products ranging from 36omm dia buffers to small 6mm dia encapsulated washers then you’ve found the right place for experience in transfer and compression mouldings, metal to rubber bonding and insertion processes.

Inexpensive tooling

Tooling is inexpensively and efficiently produced either in house or in conjunction with our mould makers using modern computer aided techniques. Parts are either trimmed by hand or using automatic equipment and subsequently counted by laser and packed to your packing specification.

  • Complete polymer range
  • Hardness from 30°Sh to 90°Sh
  • Over 1000 bespoke and standard tools
  • Packed to your request

Please call us today for prices on special products.


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