We are a rubber tubing manufacturer and supplier based in the UK. As a family-owned business, we have been delivering high-quality services for more than six decades. We started as a simple moulding press shop with just a few employees but have grown over the years to become one of the world’s market leaders in rubber extrusions of all types. We have amazing manufacturing capabilities and use the latest CAD software to create tooling for bespoke solutions for our customers. We are a business that prides itself in delivering high-quality services and delivery 100% of the time.

Coupled with a large range of standard rubber tubing, you can also choose from a bespoke service covering a wide range of polymers, sizes and order volumes. You can select from extruded tubes from 0.5mm ID all the way up to 100mm and beyond. All tubing can be supplied in either straight lengths or coils and can be subsequently cut to shorter lengths either by hand, lathe or automatic guillotine. Larger tubes can be produced on mandrels.

  • 10 extruded polymers
  • Hardness from 30°Sh to 90°Sh
  • Five extrusion processes
  • Over 1000 ID & OD combinations
  • Large size range
  • Coiled, straight or cut to length

Benefit from 25 years experience in extruding tubing in polymers ranging from commercial EPDMs and Neoprenes® to Specified Nitriles and food quality Vitons®.

Rubber Tubing Manufacturer and Supplier

With access to steam autoclave, microwave, salt bath, silicone and plastics extrusion processes you can source competitively at all levels.

Whether metres or kilometres, whatever the polymer, all enquiries are welcome.



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