Rubber Tubing Manufacturer
Rubber Tubing Manufacturers

Rubber Tubing Manufacturer

High-quality rubber tubing is essential for many different industries and having access to reliable manufacturing capability is absolutely critical.

You’ll find rubber tubing of various shapes and sizes in cars and ships, it’s used in research and development and the food preparation industry, widely employed in the construction industry and even found in the home, connecting appliances like your cooker to gas mains, for example.

As you might expect, rubber tubing comes in all shapes and sizes and is generally used for transporting liquid or gas from one part of a mechanism to another.

What is Rubber Tubing Used For?

There are thousands of places where you will find rubber tubing employed. In research and development and laboratory settings, it’s used to connect Bunsen burners to the gas supply or ferry liquid or gas from one container to another. In cars, it is used to transport high-temperature liquids like oil and water. EPDM, on the other hand, is used in marine exhaust hoses to get rid of gas or salt water.

Types of Rubber Tubing

Not only are there different sizes of rubber tubing but different materials as well. Which is used will largely depend on the industry and the needs of the customer. EPDM tubing, for example, is highly resistant to the weather and very durable and is often found in applications that are designed to hold hot water or a liquid like a brake fluid.

  • Neoprene is a synthetic rubber and is extremely durable and resistant to abrasion which makes it a suitable choice for holding cables.
  • Natural red rubber is highly flexible which is why you’ll often find it being used in laboratory settings.
  • Platinum cured silicone tubing is ideal if you want to avoid contamination, for example, in the food preparation industry.

Where Can I Find a Rubber Tubing Manufacturer?

The good news is that there is a UK based rubber tubing manufacturer that can meet all your needs, whatever industry you operate in. We’ve got a great deal of experience with producing rubber tubing for a variety of different business sectors including the automotive industry, marine sector and food and hospitality as well as research and development.

3 Reasons to Partner with Ley Rubber

  1. One of the main reasons to partner with Ley is that we’re one of the leading rubber tubing manufacturers in the UK. We have access to the latest CAD software and cutting edge manufacturing capability on-site at our Merseyside premises. That means we can be your one-stop shop for all your rubber tubing needs.
  2. We’re a British, family-owned business that has more than 60 years of experience. During that time, we’ve built up a strong reputation with many different industries and sectors, providing a high-quality service that always delivers on time.
  3. We’re committed to high levels of service and our expertise in the manufacture of rubber tubing is second to none. That’s why we are confident we can produce the bespoke solution that your business requires at a competitive cost.

If you want to find out why we’re the rubber tubing manufacturer you should partner with, browse our website today or contact our expert team for more information.

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