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Rubber Tubing Manufacturer

Because it is so flexible and resilient, rubber tubing is used in a wide range of manufacturing processes to help carry liquids and gases from one product part to another. It’s also widely used in sectors such as hospitality and research and development as well as education.

Finding a high-quality rubber tubing manufacturer for your business is critical. At Ley Holdings, we have several decades of experience in delivering both standard and bespoke rubber tubing of all types for a wide range of different industries.

Finding the Right Rubber Tubing Manufacturer

The flexibility and integrity of rubber tubing are key and the choice of material is a big part of this. At Ley Holdings, we can produce rubber tubing in a range of different materials from natural rubber to silicone, neoprene and Santoprene.

While the tubing you can generally buy online from numerous outlets is suitable for some needs, many businesses and organisations are searching for products that are built to certain, much higher specifications. For example, in health and R&D settings we’re often looking at medical-grade tubing that is designed to certain tight criteria.

One of the important factors in working with a specialist rubber tubing manufacturer is that you can guarantee the quality and the materials that are being used at all times. You also need to make sure that you get fast delivery as and when you require it.

Building a partnership with a company like Ley Holdings has several advantages, not least complete peace of mind that you are getting quality materials that are fit for purpose.

Why Partner with Ley Rubber

Ley Holdings has been producing rubber extrusions for a wide range of industries and sectors since we began operating way back in 1959. Over the years, as a family-owned business, our ethos has been providing the best for our customers, whether they are large corporations or small start-ups.

Based in the North West of England, we’ve become one of the leading manufacturers of mouldings and rubber extrusions in the UK today. Key to our success is our onsite design and manufacture setup, with the latest CAD software and a team who know practically everything there is to know about rubber and how it is used in modern society today.

We believe in building strong partnerships with our customers and we’ve worked with businesses based in construction, aviation, education, car manufacturing, hospitality and many others. They want to build a relationship with us because we know how to deliver and also offer quality. When you partner with Ley Holdings as your rubber tubing manufacturer, you can have complete peace of mind that all your needs are being met at all times.

As a leading rubber tubing manufacturer, we not only back up our state-of-the-art service with high-quality products but aim to be competitive on cost as well. That means you not only get great service with full support from our expert sales team but also benefit from great prices.

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