If you are searching for a high-quality rubber seals supplier in Castell, then Ley Holdings should be top of your list of companies to do business with. We have decades of experience and manufacturing capability and we’re one of the most reliable rubber seals suppliers in the UK. Our Head Office is in Liverpool and we serve a wide range of clients nationwide.

Rubber seals are a vital component in many different products from cars and ships to smaller household appliances. The truth is that we only notice these seals when something goes wrong and we need to find a replacement. Over the years, we’ve been the favoured suppliers to many different businesses in Castell and we take great pride in the level of service that we provide and our competitive pricing.

Whether it’s for a repair or a larger consignment, you can expect the same high level of service from the team at Ley Holdings. With fast delivery times and competitive pricing, we have thousands of standard dies in our catalogue but can also create bespoke rubber seals for you.

We provide our wide range of rubber seals to customers in Castell, including in the automotive and shipping industry. If you own a repairs garage, for example, and you’re searching for a reliable supply of seals for your business, then it pays to build a relationship with the team at Ley Holdings.

Perhaps you’re developing a new product for manufacture and you need a rubber seal supplier in Castell that can create something from scratch and supply it on time at a great price. Our sales team know practically all there is to know about rubber seals and our onsite manufacturing capability is second to none.

Who Are Ley Holdings?

We’re a family-owned business that was created in the mid-1950s. Over the years we’ve built strong relationships with our customers in and around Castell, including those operating in the aviation, marine and automotive industries as well as research and development businesses and organisations.

We also supply and create solutions for individual customers such as classic car enthusiasts. We can produce seals from a variety of sources including natural rubber, neoprene and silicone. Unlike other suppliers on the market nowadays, we focus entirely on rubber products and are one of the leading companies for rubber extrusions of all types in the UK today. Our track record has built up over many decades and we’ve worked with some high-profile companies during that time.

  • High-quality rubber seal supplier in Castell.
  • A wide range of rubber products and profiles both as standard dies and bespoke profiles.
  • We can manufacture as well as supply for your business, with fast lead-in times and competitive pricing.
  • We can create bespoke solutions for classic cars of all types.

Find a Rubber Seal Supplier in Castell

If you are searching for a quality rubber seal supplier in Castell, whether you’re a local business or an individual, Ley Holdings has the onsite manufacturing capability to deliver quality as well as quantity at a competitive price. We’ve worked with many types of businesses over the year and pride ourselves on the quality of our service.

Want to find a rubber seal supplier in Castell you can trust? Call us on 0151 545 2727