Rubber Products for Construction

Rubber Products for Construction

Ley Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of rubber products for the construction industry. With thousands of standard dies in our catalogue as well as the capacity to create bespoke solutions for our customers, we’ve partnered with a broad range of companies over the last 74 years.

How Are Rubber Products Used in Construction?

Construction is not just bricks and mortar. Rubber products are used throughout homes and commercial premises across the UK. There are rubber seals in our windows, protecting our doors and preventing draughts. It’s found around wiring, used for sound reduction and waterproofing and widely employed in modern roofs and flooring.

During the construction process itself, rubber products are used for protection during building with fenders and guard rails as well as for rubber bungs to seal holes.

Who is Ley Rubber?

Ley Rubber is based in Merseyside and has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of rubber products including for the construction industry for over more than 70 years. Construction companies look for quality and reliability as well as a cost-effective solution for their latest projects and that’s where Ley Rubber always delivers.

Why Choose Us?

We come with a distinct manufacturing and supply pedigree that is second to none in the UK. We’re proud of our association with the construction industry and have worked with many major companies over the last seven decades. We aim to be flexible and responsive, offering competitive costs even for bespoke solutions.

Ley Rubber is a family-owned business and still retains that attention to detail and commitment to customer care that characterised our service from the very beginning. We have many standard dies in our current catalogue and several thousand more that have been created bespoke for different customers.

We work with a wide range of industries including construction. We’ve had long-standing relationships with the aviation, research and development, hospitality, marine and automotive sectors.

Construction companies often require bespoke solutions to their building needs and that’s certainly something Ley Rubber can help with. Our CAD design facilities and on-site, state of the art manufacturing capabilities means we offer short lead-in times for any project and quick turnaround times.

Another thing that helps us build strong relationships with construction companies and those associated with the sector is our commitment to customer support. When you call our sales support team to discuss your needs, you’ll find them extremely knowledgeable and focused on finding the solutions that support your product. Our supply includes a wide range of different products and we can work in a variety of materials including natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile and neoprene.

Find Rubber Products for Construction

It’s important to build strong relationships with reliable suppliers in today’s competitive marketplace and we feel that our team at Ley Rubber ticks all the right boxes. Whether you need a standard die in quantity or something tailor-made for your project, you can expect a quick and professional response from our team.

If you are looking for rubber products for construction, make Ley Rubber your first port of call.