Our transparent, unreinforced tube is suitable for a wide range of applications where many liquids, gases, powders & fine granules are used.
The benefits of this tube are:-

  • Resists hardening, cracking and discolouring.
  • Good Clarity (clarity varies by size) – Some tube may have a slight tint.
  • Good Flexibility (hardness varies by size).
  • Good UV Resistance.
  • High Quality Food Contact Safe.
  • Temperature recommended range from -20°C to +60°C (Maximum +25°C for food contact applications).
  • Example uses include DIY, Home Brewing (not suitable for commercial brewing as requires brewing industry compliant tube), Garden Water Pumps, Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Engineering, Windscreen Washer Tube, Water Cooling and Air Line (it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use – please contact us in you are unsure).

With access to steam autoclave, microwave, salt bath, silicone and plastics extrusion processes you can source competitively at all levels.

Whether metres or kilometres, whatever the polymer, all enquiries are welcome.



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