When one thinks of automotive vehicles, it perhaps conjures images of fast cars, the sleek aesthetics of shiny bodywork flying through Alpine scenery, or the roar of a powerful engine, but what about the forgotten elements.  Simply speaking, without the many hidden components in a vehicle, we simply wouldn’t get from A – B.   Rubber is an often overlooked, but incredibly important component that features in every automotive vehicle, particularly within rubber seals and gaskets, which play a very important role, not only in the operation, but also in the comfort of transportation.

Exceptionally durable and flexible Rubber’s characteristics make it ideal for use in the automotive industry.  Highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and temperature variation, Rubber is an ideal component for the production of important rubber seals and gaskets in cars.   So why are they so important?

To the uninitiated, Gaskets help create a seal so there’s no leak when fluids are moving through junction areas in a pipe within the mechanical and engine of a vehicle.

Rubber is also used to cover electrical wires and to protect electrical parts and elements in a car such as the spark plugs.

Rubber seals and tubing are evident throughout vehicles.  For instance, gaskets and rubber seals are used to prevent grime entering vital automotive transmission components. The Cooling system in a vehicle will often use a rubber seal to ensure there is no liquid leakage.

The Engine itself has many rubber seals that are essential ensuring there is no leak of, coolant, oil and air from either external or internal passages of the internal combustion engine, indeed the most important gasket and rubber seal is the head gasket that absorbs all the vehicle engine heat and compression.   All these components will differ in size and shape from O-rings to rubber grommets, but each one plays huge importance, of which without, the engine would be obsolete.

Aside, from internal components, rubber seals are really important to the glazing aspects of vehicles. Weatherstripping rubber sealing and tubing not only protect passengers from the outside elements but can prevent and adverse impact on automotive performance and prevent damage to the vehicle interior.

Here at Ley Rubber, we manufacture a wide range of washers or rubber tubes for vintage, new cars as well as caravans and coaches. As a rubber manufacturer, our gaskets and seals can be made from various rubber derivatives from EPDM to Neoprene® and can be used in applications such as low way pipe seals to vehicle weather strips.  With a heritage of over 50 years’ experience supplying rubber seals to the automotive market and with our vast portfolio of rubber extrusions and rubber parts, we can assist with all your needs.  Why not contact us today?

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