Cork products are used in a broad range of different industries and sectors from research and development to hospitality and food and drinks manufacturing. High-quality cork stoppers remain one of the best ways to seal products such as wine bottles and test tubes and they have the added benefit that they are 100% natural.

If you are a business looking for a cork products manufacturer and supplier you can rely on, the team at Ley Holdings in the North West of England have a long track record and reputation for delivering quality at a competitive price.

The Benefits of Cork Products

If you are searching for a recyclable product for your business that has been helping to seal things like bottles, jugs and flasks for many centuries, then cork should be top of your list. It’s still one of the most cost-effective ways to achieve a tight seal.

You might be surprised to learn that Spain and Portugal produce almost 80% of the world’s supply of cork. The trees are found primarily along the Mediterranean coast where the conditions are perfect for cork production. One of the key factors with cork is that it is impermeable but also very light which makes it a great option when sealing objects – something it’s been used for over many thousands of years.

300,000 tonnes of cork is used in the manufacturing industry every year and there are some 2 million hectares of cork farms to draw from around the world. With many businesses concerned about their environmental impact, it’s good to know that cork production is one of the greenest operations on the planet at the moment.

Cork products are used most commonly in the wine industry to seal bottles. While some manufacturers have moved to rubber and plastic stoppers, many still adhere to the traditional cork, especially in areas like France.

In research and development as well as for schools and universities, corks are often used in various scientific processes. These stoppers can be specially designed with holes for tubes and tapered to fit certain equipment.

Why Choose Ley Holdings as Your Cork Products Manufacturer and Supplier

Ley Holdings first started back in 1959 and over the years we’ve become one of the leading suppliers of rubber extrusions in the UK. We also have manufacturing capability on-site for a range of cork stoppers and other products of all sizes.

When you partner with Ley Holdings, you can always be sure of high-quality products, with materials sourced from the best suppliers, all delivered at a competitive price.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide range of different businesses, from R&D companies, pharmaceutical enterprises, schools and universities to wine and other beverage manufacturers. The key to our success is the help and support that we provide as a manufacturer and supplier, which means you always have access to our expert team when you need to make an order.

If you wan to to partner with a cork products manufacturer and supplier in the UK, contact the team at Ley Holdings today.