With a combined total of over 140 years experience in the rubber industry, we know that doesn’t come without needing a refresh on our skills and honing down on our core values to see where we want this company to go.

That is why staff training was one of the most important goals for 2022 and its safe to say that it was and is successful and we truly believe our staff are a credit to this company. Our team have helped us adapt and grow as a company and we couldn’t be more proud. They have gone above and beyond to clear our their busy schedules but also putting our clients first and delivering quality customer service and we would like to say a massive thank you to them all!

Some of these courses include LEAN manufacturing to ensure we are having minimal waste and maximising our productivity to marketing and what we can do better to give our customers a memorable experience. Because of this, we have many exciting new projects coming up over the next 12 months so we can give back to our customers.