The streets of Gotham are safe again. Ok, for the purpose of being factually correct, the streets of Qatar maybe, thanks to Knowsley based Rubber component manufacturer
Ley Rubber.

Held in the same esteem as the DeLorean from The Back to the Future Franchise, the 1989 Batmobile, from Tim Burton’s Batman reboot film series is one the most distinctive and iconic movie vehicles of a generation.  It’s inspired design, every bit suited for the dark and brooding character of the caped superhero.

Originally built for the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton, this famed car was never meant to be driven on the roads.  However, after being acquired at auction by a Qatari Prince for nearly £1 million, the sleek Batmobile was shipped back to the UK for an important restoration project.

Ley Rubber answers Batman SOS

The new owner wanted to drive his new acquisition on the streets of Qatar, but there were some problems to solve first.  Ley Rubber faced the challenge of designing an effective weatherproof seal for the iconic Batmobile, ensuring it could withstand the elements while also dampening vibrations from body panels.

The Batmobile however, is no ordinary car. Entry to the vehicle is actually a sliding roof panel, providing access to the cockpit. Moreover, the car features two pop-up panels housing missiles (yes, you read that right) that also needed waterproofing.

With decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of bespoke rubber components and a renowned expertise in transportation and the classic car industries
Ley Rubber was the obvious choice to tackle the unique demands of this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Sealing the Deal

After careful evaluation, Ley Rubber’s Commercial Manager conducted a thorough evaluation and successfully provided a tailored sponge rubber solution, effectively sealing the roof to protect it from the elements. This meticulous process not only prevented water from entering the missile compartments but also eliminated the bothersome vibration noise originating from the bonnet.

Jon Holbrook, Head of Commercials said:

“This was a very special project and needed a unique design. We created a large sponge bubble profile on one side of the roof then a half dome solid sponge 16mm base which when closed sealed the roof completely.  As well as this and on the top of the door where roof slides back, we used a SRS135 rubber component to ensure the vehicle was weatherproof.”

“To prevent the vibration issue on the bonnet we used a small U channel profile IRS0840, which worked like a charm.”

The Dark Knight Rises…. again

With a reputation for tackling some of toughest bespoke projects, Ley Rubber’s mission was to get the batman back on the streets and they weren’t about to let the cape crusader down.

So, if you are ever in Qatar, and are trying to solve the riddle of why Batman is patrolling the desert state rather than Gotham City.  Its no joke, the superhero has had some help from a lesser known side-kick…and that’s Ley Rubber – the making of something special in a world that won’t settle for anything less.