Medical Rubber Manufacturers

If you are searching for medical rubber manufacturers based in the UK who can deliver on your expectations, Ley Rubber in Merseyside has a 60-year track record and plenty of experience.

Not only can we produce products from a list of standard dies we are also capable of manufacturing new ones from scratch at our state of the art facility.

Using FDA approved materials such as platinum cured silicone and EPDM, we regularly produce a range of medical tubing, bungs and stoppers for use in healthcare, research and development and the pharmaceutical industry.

Tubing and cord used in the medical sector must be of a high grade and help protect against infection or cross-contamination while still being extremely strong.

For example, platinum cured rubber tubing not only has great mechanical properties but it can withstand a wide functioning temperature range. The tubing can be produced in many different sizes and lengths for a variety of medical purposes. It’s tear-resistant, flexible and easy to cut which makes it one of the most versatile materials for use in healthcare and the food industry.

Who Are Ley Rubber?

Ley Rubber is a family-owned business based in the heart of Merseyside in the North of England. Our customers come from all around the world and we pride ourselves in the reputation we have grown over the last 60 years.

One of the key factors for many businesses choosing Ley Rubber is that we have manufacturing facilities on site. That means we can fulfil any order of any size for our customers but can also ensure absolute quality at all times.

You can, of course, order rubber tubing products and stoppers from a variety of places online but that doesn’t always ensure you are going to get quality at a great price.

The Benefits of Using a Medical Rubber Manufacturers

When it comes to rubber medical products, organisations and businesses across the globe know that they can’t afford to take any risks. We use high-quality materials in our products and we know practically all there is to know about rubber extrusions and products such as tubing than most other companies have ever forgotten.

As a medical rubber manufacturer, one of the key benefits is that we can tailor our delivery to exactly what you need. If your business is looking for something different, we have the latest CAD software at our site on Merseyside and the state of the art manufacturing capability that you would expect from a world leader.

Because we’re also a family-owned business, over the years we’ve managed to retain that knack for the personal touch. It’s one of the reasons why businesses both big and small value our support and capability.

Why Buy Your Medical Rubber From Us?

We use FDA approved materials and ensure that every order is manufactured and filled to the high specifications that you expect. Many businesses around the world have built long-term relationships with our team at Ley Rubber because we know how to deliver 100% of the time.

If you are searching for medical rubber manufacturers you can completely trust, contact our team today.