Car Window Seal Replacement

Are you searching for the right car window seal replacement? Ley Rubber has thousands of standard and non-standard dies available for almost all makes and models of vehicle.

If you find that the rain is getting in or you can hear the wind roaring outside, it could signify an issue with your car or van window. There is a rubber seal around this area which can degrade over time, becoming brittle and cracked. The good news is that this seal is relatively easy to replace and can make a big difference not just to your comfort but to the integrity of your car.

Even small water leaks if you need a car window seal replacement can cause damage over time – rusting metal and even getting into the electrics. Left to the elements, it can reduce the life of your vehicle and cost you extra money in repairs.

Do You Need a Car Window Seal Replacement?

Especially for older cars, checking areas like seals are important. A car window, for example, can have a small crack in the seal and you may not notice. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s not causing some underlying damage to your car infrastructure.

Regularly checking your seals for signs of breaking or hardening is a good maintenance tip – once you see there’s an issue, it’s important to replace the seal as quickly as possible.

The great news is that a car window seal replacement is a relatively simple job and simply involves taking off the old seal and installing the new one. Each car has a set specification for its seals and picking the right one is important, of course.

At Ley Rubber, we have a complete selection of rubber seals including those for your car windows making us the perfect one-stop-shop for all your needs.

Why Buy Your Window Seal from Ley Rubber?

Head online and you’ll find plenty of different rubber seal products for sale. When finding a car window seal replacement, however, it’s always important to go for the quality. Our rubber seals are made from exceptional materials such as EPDM and we have thousands of standard dies and bespoke solutions in our current catalogue.

Ley Rubber is a family-owned business based in Merseyside with more than 70 years of experience in the field of rubber extrusions. We don’t just have standard dies for sale that work for most cars on the market today but we can also create brand new extrusions for our customers (for example, if you own a classic car and require a non-uniform solution).

Over the years, we’ve worked with many large companies and private customers, helping to deliver a constant supply of rubber products particularly those used in the automotive sector.

Not only do we work hard to provide high-quality products such as car window seal replacements but we pride ourselves on our level of service as well. Our expert sales team are on hand if you need advice or want to discuss a bespoke solution to your needs.

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