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Silicone tubing is also suitable for peristaltic pumps and is FDA & USP approved.

All laboratory tubing is available in various wall thicknesses to accommodate different pressures and vacuum work. Benefit from 25 years experience in laboratory tubing supply.


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    Rubber tubing is used in a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes all around the world. It is also essential in any laboratory setting where it can be utilised for everything from distillation and condensing processes as well as connecting vital equipment such as Bunsen burners.

    There are thousands of private and public organisations across the UK that are involved in cutting edge research today and access to a high-quality laboratory tubing supplier is vital.

    At Ley Rubber, we have been supplying top of the range lab tubing for more than 60 years. We can handle all your needs including:

    • Traditional orange rubber gas tubing.
    • Tubing in materials such as silicone, neoprene, nitrile, and PVC.
    • Santoprene® tubing for peristaltic pump applications.

    We provide tubing ranging from 1 mm in diameter to 30 mm with a choice of bespoke manufacturing provided by our fully equipped workshop in Liverpool.

    We also have no minimum order level and can handle one-off supplies as well as large commissions, all with our competitive pricing and quality support and service.

    Finding a reliable laboratory tubing supplier that can deliver what you need, when you need it is important. It means you are not left waiting for equipment and have everything you require at a great price.

    Why Choose Ley Rubber for Your Laboratory Rubber Tubing Supplier?

    As a family-run business, we began operating more than 6 decades ago. From a small workshop in Liverpool with just a few staff, we have expanded our operation over the years and are currently one of the most respected suppliers in the UK.

    We now have thousands of rubber extrusions and mouldings in our online catalogue and have been supplying laboratory rubber tubing to companies and organisations such as pharmaceutical businesses and universities for much of that time.

    Many of our existing customers have been with us for decades. That is because we are focused on not only high-quality products at a competitive price but believe strongly in building relationships that last. We are always looking at how we can improve our service and adding to our catalogue of available products.

    Any laboratory can contact our sales support team to get the help and advice they need. We have a wide range of rubber tubing in our existing catalogue and can create bespoke tubing needed.

    We take a lot of pride in our workshop and the expertise of our manufacturing team. With the latest CAD software, we can design the tools you need and punch and shape any type of rubber extrusion including quality laboratory tubing.

    All our laboratory rubber tubing meets current European regulations and can be delivered quickly to your business once your order has been placed.

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    If you are searching for a laboratory tubing supplier you can depend on, our team is on hand today to take your order. If you need to talk directly to our sales team, they will be able to help you with the specifications and any bespoke requirements you have.

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    You can select from a large range of laboratory tubing available from stock, including Silicone in both hose and tube forms,PVC in both hose and tube forms,Neoprene® tubing for oil resistance,Nitrile tubing for fuel resistance,Santoprene® tubing for peristaltic pump applications ,Traditional orange natural rubber gas tubing

    Competitive prices

    Stocked sizes start at 1mm id for silicone tubing and go all the way up to 30mm id in natural rubber but other sizes can be made to order, just ask.”
    No Minimum Lenghts
    Whether metres or kilometres, whatever, all enquiries are welcome.
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