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Santoprene® tubing is a thermoplastic-rubber product with unmatched resistance to wear and abrasion.

It is therefore ideally suited for use on Peristaltic Pumps, where its greatly extended pumping life results in costs savings in both tubing expenditure and pump ‘down time’.


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    Santoprene is a highly durable material and is resistant to wear and deterioration, more so than many other similar products on the market today. With key thermoplastic properties, it is most commonly used in peristaltic pumps where the benefits of an increased life expectancy and the ability to handle different fluids are essential.

    Peristaltic or roller pumps are used for pumping a variety of fluids and usually require a flexible and durable hose that is contained within the device. Santoprene is now the industry standard for this but has a lot of other uses.

    One characteristic of Santoprene is that it is suitable for transporting chemicals such as alcohol and ozone which may degrade other types of tubing. Santoprene also maintains good flow consistency which is why it so often used in peristaltic pumps in the first place.

    In addition, Santoprene tubing is used for many sensitive environmental applications, it’s used by schools and colleges, found in laboratories and can be purchased for general use because of its hardy profile.

    It’s durability and flexibility make it a cost-effective solution for many organisations and businesses throughout the UK including for the pharmaceutical sector and food and drink manufacturers.

    Why Get Your Santoprene Tubing from Ley Holdings

    Santoprene is a high-quality tubing that has many applications in modern society. Ensuring that you buy from a reputable Santoprene tubing supplier is essential, therefore, particularly if you require the high specs that this type of material delivers.

    Ley Holdings is a family-owned business based in the North West of England. We have more than 70 years experience in the manufacture and supply of rubber tubing, extrusions and seals behind us and have worked with a wide range of industries including the aviation, scientific, construction, marine and automotive sectors.

    Because we’re a British manufacturer and supplier, we offer short lead-in times for delivery in the UK which means we can get products to your business often within a few days. Our success is based on a commitment to investing in our state of the art facilities and focusing on providing a high level of customer service.

    Our exceptional support team knows all there is to know about rubber extrusions, seals and tubing and are always on hand to advise and give support to customers.

    Whether you require a ready-made solution or a bespoke design, we can deliver quickly and efficiently. When it comes to the range of rubber extrusions in our catalogue we have thousands of standard dies to choose from and several more thousand that have been produced bespoke for customers in the past.

    Order Santoprene Tubing Today

    If you are currently looking for a reliable Santoprene tubing supplier in the UK, Ley Holdings have an impressive track record of working with a broad array of businesses. Our commitment to high levels of service is backed by our manufacturing capability which means we can provide the full range of rubber extrusions, tubing and seals for today’s modern businesses.

    If you would like to find out more, contact our professional team today.



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    3.2 1.6 6.4 SPT/3.2X6.4
    4.8 1.6 8 SPT/4.8X8
    6.4 1.6 9.6 SPT/6.4X9.6
    8 1.6 11.2 SPT/8.0X11.2
    1.6 2.4 6.4 SPT/1.6X6.4
    3.2 2.4 8 SPT/3.2X8.0
    4.8 2.4 9.6 SPT/4.8X9.6
    6.4 2.4 11.2 SPT/6.4X11.2
    8 2.4 12.8 SPT/8.0X12.8
    9.6 2.4 14.4 SPT/9.6X14.4
    12.7 3.2 19.1 SPT/12.7X19.1
    19 4.8 28.6 SPT/19.0X28.6


    You can select from our range of specifically designed Temperature: -20°C up to +135°C,Highly durable,Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and fatigue,Good resistance to ozone and ultraviolet radiation,Beige colour option is food approved and non-toxic

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    Stocked sizes start at 1mm id for silicone tubing and go all the way up to 30mm id in natural rubber but other sizes can be made to order, just ask.”
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