Rubber Profiles for the Rail Sector

With more than 70 years of manufacturing and supplying to a wide range of sectors including automotive, aviation and marine, Ley Holdings is well placed to deliver high-quality rubber profiles for the rail sector.

As a family-owned business based in the UK, we’ve worked with many high-profile companies and organisations within the transportation sector over the years. Not only do we have thousands of standard dies ready to go but we can create bespoke rubber profiles for any aspect of the rail sector.

These tailored solutions come with short lead-in times and fast delivery, ensuring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your rail outfit. 

The rail sector is a huge part of the national transportation network and maintaining stock is a critical part of ensuring that we can all get from A to B without delays. Rail companies often have huge overheads and finding the right solutions when it comes to maintenance is critical in not only keeping stock on the move but helping to lower prices for customers.

Rubber Profiles for the Rail Sector From Ley Holdings

Rubber profiles are found in large quantities in the rail sector, covering everything from door seals and glazing strips to sleeper profiles, bespoke solutions are often required and in large quantities.

Rail companies are duty-bound to ensure the safety of their stock but also want to keep the customers as comfortable as possible. A damaged window seal when a train is moving at high speed through the countryside can be both windy and very noisy.

Replacing components like window seals is probably one of the most common jobs that maintenance teams have to undertake and access to a secure and reliable supply is therefore highly important. They are checked regularly and if there are any problems they need to be quickly replaced. That’s where Ley Holdings come in.

Why Choose Ley Holdings?

If you’re replacing the rubber seals in your car, it’s a small job and relatively easy to do. For the vast majority of rail stock, replacing rubber profiles of any sort can be a complex and time-consuming job. Accessing the right materials in enough quantity is critical for more than just health and safety reasons. A faulty seal or other rubber extrusions can mean that a carriage or engine is sidelined until repairs are carried out.

Ley Holdings bring peace of mind and reliability to the table when it comes to rubber profiles for the rail sector. Firstly, we have manufacturing capability on-site and don’t need to outsource to third parties. That means you can build a relationship with our team for the creation and supply of bespoke rubber profile solutions for any aspect of your rail stock.

We also have thousands of standard dies and bespoke solutions that we have already created, including for the rail sector. That means you can quickly contact our team and get a regular supply of seals, trims and other products that you need, shipped out to your maintenance areas quickly and efficiently.

If you want to build a partnership with a proven manufacturer and supplier of rubber profiles of all types for the rail sector, contact our team today.