Rubber Extrusion Manufacturers UK

Rubber extrusions are used in a wide variety of different products across the world. You’ll find them being employed in many manufacturing sectors such as the car industry, building, for office partitioning and a whole range of different places. In fact, you probably wouldn’t have half the products on the market today without this highly specific and useful process.

Rubber extrusion involves processing the rubber through a screw and then ‘squeezing’ it into a specific profile. Once the rubber hardens, you have a highly durable and seal or other component for your product.

Finding the right rubber extrusion manufacturers in the UK for your business is essential. Whether you’re an existing company or a new startup, getting the best product delivered on time for the best price is also very important.

The good news is that this is something that Ley have long and successful history delivering in the UK.

The Advantages of using Ley for Rubber Extrusions

We work with all sectors and manufacturing companies both in the UK and across the globe. Based in Liverpool, our expert manufacturing team is able to help develop the rubber extrusions that your company is looking for, tailored to your exact needs.

We back up our state of the art manufacturing centre with comprehensive support from a highly knowledgeable and experienced sales team. Not only do we have a large catalogue and store of existing natural rubber products as well as EPDM, Neoprene and Nitrile, we are able to manufacture new products to almost any specifications.

Our customers come from all areas of industry and we’re just as confident dealing with large organisations as well as smaller companies. We use the latest manufacturing processes and achieve a high degree of accuracy with designs, even for relatively small extrusions. Whether you are a double glazing or door manufacturer, operating in the automotive industry or somewhere else, we’re here to build a long-term and profitable relationship with your business.

Our modern rubber extrusion process can deliver products of varying lengths and the raw rubber material can be formed into unique profiles depending on your needs. That means we’re able to manufacture a broad range of products.

Why You Should Contact the Team at Ley.

Rubber is an incredibly versatile material and has been harvested and used for thousands of years. Since the Industrial age in the 19th century, it’s been an integral part of many different products.

In more recent times, manufacturing developments have led to a huge range of versatile products from bungs and stoppers, tubing and crucible corns to edge trim and side seal.

Ley are one of the leading rubber extrusion manufacturers in the UK including for door and glazing seals, including all profiles and sizes. Our aim is to manufacture and deliver the rubber extrusions your company needs at a competitive price.

If your business is searching for a rubber extrusion manufacturers to partner with you can trust to deliver on time and at a great cost, contact the team at Ley today.