Rubber Extrusions for Classic Cars

Finding the right parts when you are renovating or restoring a classic car can be difficult and challenging. If you’re a real enthusiast, you’ll want to get replacements that are near enough the original.

If you run a garage that handles classic car repairs and restorations, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time sourcing the best suppliers and manufacturers at a cost that doesn’t break the bank for your customer.

You see classic cars every so often on the road and at events around the country. Driving and restoring a classic is a popular pastime and many people take great pride in rebuilding a vintage car from scratch. Time and wear and tear can all take their toll on any car and finding replacements isn’t always easy, something both vintage vehicle enthusiasts and garages will attest to.

What is a Rubber Extrusion?

Rubber extrusion is a widely employed manufacturing process and is used for creating a broad range of products in today’s modern world. In classic cars, this is often in the form of seals that are used in various parts of the vehicle. For example, it might be employed for areas such as window seals or hood seals. Getting the right fit for your car is important.

Rubber extrusion uses a process where mouldable rubber is squeezed into a certain shape and then hardened. What this produces is a durable and flexible product such as a window seal. Different types of seals are used in different industries. One of the most common synthetic rubbers is EPDM which is also used on commercial properties including for double glazing window and door seals.

The good news is that rubber extrusions can be manufactured for your classic car.

Where to Find Rubber Extrusions For Your Classic Car

At Ley we manufacture a range of different rubber extrusions. Based in Liverpool, we’re a UK company that has a long track record of delivering high-quality solutions for our customers.

If you own a classic car, you’re probably going to have to undertake some detailed searching to find the parts that you need. Some of these can be taken from other, similar cars that have, for example, been written off but many individual parts may have to be manufactured from scratch. Of course, a lot depends on what state your classic car is in.

If you have already completed your classic car renovation, that’s not the end of the story. Components such as window, door and hood seals can all degrade over time. Having a rubber extrusion manufacturer that you can depend on and stocks the kind of seal you need, means you never have to look too far to find what you want.

Ley have an experienced sales team on board to complement our state of the art manufacturing service. We’ll be able to talk through your requirements and find the best fit for your classic car. We can also work with individual garages if they are handling the repairs on your car.

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