Turnover Stoppers

Turnover stoppers are widely used in industries such as healthcare, research and schools. Usually made from high-grade silicone or rubber, these products need to be manufactured to high specifications.

At Ley Rubber, we have more than 70 years of experience in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of rubber extrusions, including turnover stoppers. We aim not only to provide the quality that businesses and organisations are looking for but also at a competitive price.

Our unique on-site manufacturing capabilities mean that we are also able to offer a bespoke service to businesses both in the UK and globally.

What Are Turnover Stoppers?

Turnover stops are widely used in laboratory settings. They compromise a serrated rubber seal with a flexible turnover sleeve that slips over the container neck. Made from silicone and rubber with a high tear strength, they create a very tight double seal.

These types of stoppers are used in a wide range of industries including in school and college biology and chemistry labs, in food science as well as for technical, hospital and medical environments. The important factor here is the high-grade material that is used to manufacture these products which make them ideal for research and lab environments.

Turnover stoppers are resistant to temperatures above 250⁰C and can also be easily perforated with hypodermic needles if required. Chemically and biologically inert, they play a vital role in R&D around the UK.

Who Is Ley Rubber?

When your business or organisation is investing in high-quality products such as turnover stoppers, it’s important to work with a manufacturer or supplier that you can trust completely.

Ley Rubber is based in Merseyside and has several decades providing superior quality rubber extrusions and equipment for scientific industries, including bungs, dropper teats and rubber tubing.

As a family-owned business, we’ve been able to provide our manufacturing services to industries as varied as car manufacturing, aviation and marine sectors, food production and the scientific community. Customers choose us because they can implicitly rely on our service and the quality of our products. In short, there’s not much that Ley doesn’t know about rubber extrusions of all types.

Why Buy Your Turnover Stoppers from Ley Rubber?

We provide a range of different size turnover stoppers in cream and red. Made from natural rubber, we offer plug diameters between 6.5 and 25.5 mm, ideal for narrow aperture containers. You can opt to purchase one pack (10 turnover stoppers) or several and there is no minimum order. Packs are normally shipped within a day of receiving your order.

If you are a business or organisation that is searching for a reliable manufacturer and supplier of rubber products such as turnover stoppers, we believe that Ley Rubber ticks all the right boxes. Over the last 70 years, we worked with many different organisations and we aim to tailor our service to each customer’s individual needs.

With a diverse customer base, we can also provide bespoke solutions, operating to tight sector standards and delivering with fast lead-in times.