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Neoprene® sponge cord is available ex-stock in sizes ranging from 2.5mm dia to 25mm dia.

Profiles and cords can also be joined into rings, frames or formed seals with either glued or vulcanized joins [please note, most tooling is free but there are tooling charges applicable for vulcanized joined and formed products].


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    Neoprene sponge cord can be used in a variety of different industries and works well for applications that, for instance, require protection against UV, water and air sealing. Neoprene itself is highly versatile, durable and works in a broad range of weather conditions.

    Ley Holdings is one of the leading neoprene sponge cord suppliers in the UK today and we provide our services to a host of industries from construction and aviation to marine and electronics.

    • Soft and compressible, neoprene sponge cord is available in coils and cut lengths for businesses in all sectors.
    • Our available stock ranges from diameters of 2.5 mm through to 25 mm but we can create bespoke solutions for your business with our on-site manufacturing capability.
    • Free tooling can also be added, for example, it can be joined into rings, formed seals and frames.

    Why Choose Ley Holding for Your Neoprene Sponge Cord?

    Getting quality supplies of neoprene sponge cord is essential for many businesses around the world and finding a consistent supplier that can deliver high quality is essential. Ley Holdings is a family-owned manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of rubber extrusions based in the North West of England.

    We have over 70 years of manufacturing and supply experience behind us and state of the art capabilities on-site we are confident that we can meet the needs of a wide variety of businesses, industries and sectors. We do not restrict customers to minimum orders and pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs, whether you’re ordering from our existing stock or you require a bespoke solution.

    We offer our manufacturing and supply services to a whole host of industries. Our customers include businesses in construction, the marine sector, aviation, food and drink manufacture and scientific to name just a few.

    As a UK manufacturer, we can offer our customers short lead-in times for any order which means you get deliveries arriving quickly and efficiently at a competitive cost.

    Apart from neoprene sponge cord, we also have thousands of standard dies for rubber extrusions and seals in our catalogue. We can produce these in a broad range of internationally accepted materials including EPDM, Neoprene®, NBR, Silicone, PVC and Viton®. Our on-site CAD capabilities mean we are well placed to create any bespoke solutions your business might need now or in the future.

    We are just as at home dealing with large corporations and manufacturers as we are with smaller businesses and startups. We match our high-quality products with an exceptional after-sales service. If you need to discuss your needs when it comes to neoprene sponge cord, our knowledgeable and friendly sales team are always on hand to assist.

    Order Neoprene Sponge Cord Today

    As one of the leading neoprene sponge cord suppliers in the UK, we are well placed to deliver both traditional and bespoke solutions for your business. With more than 7 decades behind us, we’re an established, UK based company with amazing capability. If you are looking for a neoprene sponge cord supplier you can trust, delivering at a competitive price, check out our catalogue today.



    2.5 1000 NSC/2.5 0.47
    3 500 NSC/3.0 0.47
    4 500 NSC/4.0 0.47
    5 500 NSC/5.0 0.35
    6 500 NSC/6.0 0.35
    8 200 NSC/8.0 0.35
    9.5 200 NSC/9.5 0.35
    12 50 NSC/12.0 0.35
    13 50 NSC/13.0 0.35
    15 50 NSC/15.0 0.35
    19 20 NSC/19.0 0.35
    25 25 NSC/25.0/25MTS 0.35

    You are not limited to cords as almost any profile shape can be produced.4 extruded sponge polymers,Densities from 0.35g/cm3 to 0.65g/cm3,No tooling charges for cords,Coiled or cut to length,Can be glued or vulcanized joined

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