Cork Stoppers

Cork stoppers are used widely around the world and remain one of the best and most natural ways to seal objects and make them airtight. Most of us recognise cork stoppers in the wine industry but they are also used in research and development as well as other sectors not only here in the UK but across the world.

Ley Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers of cork stoppers and a wide variety of rubber extrusions in the UK. We have our manufacturing facility based in Liverpool and have served a global audience for 60 years. 

The Benefits of Cork Stoppers

Cork is a natural material and has been used for centuries to seal bottles and other containers to help keep things like food and wine fresh. The benefits of cork include:

  • It’s light and highly resilient.
  • It provides an impermeable seal that keeps moisture out.
  • It has low conductivity and is fire retardant.
  • Cork stoppers are also recyclable and will help lower your carbon footprint as a business.

Cork is ideal for fashioning into many different shapes and sizes and its light and durable property means it has many uses in the industrial world. Apart from cork stoppers, you will see the material being used in things like wall insulation, devices that require floatation, noise and vibration control as well as for load-bearing in heavy industry.

Why Choose Ley Rubber

We are a family-owned business that is based in Liverpool. We started as a simple moulding room over 60 years ago but have expanded through the decades to be one of the leading manufacturers of products such as rubber extrusions and cork stoppers serving a wide range of customers.

As a business with a strong reputation for great service, competitive pricing and fast delivery, we are always looking to improve our provision to customers. For the last 25 years, we’ve maintained that delivery with our commitment to service and product quality through ISO9001 certification.

When it comes to cork stoppers, we have over 40 different sizes in stock to suit most needs with grades from 4th to super depending on your requirements. We are also able to deliver bespoke cork stoppers for anyone who can’t find exactly what they are looking for in our current catalogue. That’s because we have onsite design capability which means we can source material, cut it to order and deliver quickly to your business.

The Businesses We Deal With

At Ley Rubber, we’ve built relationships with many different customers over the years for cork stoppers. These include drinks and wine manufacturers both big and small. We also provide these products to the research and development and the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing and a whole host of other sectors.

Our team can provide cork tiles, cork laboratory rings and cork sheeting as well as cork stoppers.

Contact Ley Rubber Today

One big key to our success is how we provide support and guidance through our experienced sales team at Ley Rubber. If you are searching for cork stoppers or rubber extrusions for your business, contact us today or browse our online catalogue and then request a quote.